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Special Offer On Parkway Sam!

Button Down Racing's 2-Y-O colt, Parkway Sam, is in training with Bobby Barnett at Churchill Downs.


'Sammy' is a handsome son of First Samurai and there are two 2% shares remaining in this exciting colt available for $1360.00.


Before You Jump In
Owning a race horse is a speculative proposition. It should be considered an expenditure— not an investment. It's similar to buying a pleasure boat or a camping vehicle. One buys a houseboat or an RV because he or she enjoys getting out on the water or vacationing overland. The buyer doesn't expect a monetary return on that type of expenditure. Instead the return is in the pleasure derived from cruising on a river or touring America's back roads. Think of your purchase of a racehorse the same way.


Blue Sky

The above being said, it's a mortal lock that you will not buy a boat or an RV that has any chance of "hitting it big," or increasing in value. The race horse you buy probably won't hit it big either, but some horses can and do "win the lottery." That possibility adds to the fun of owning a thoroughbred. If that doesn't appeal to you, you might not be a good candidate for buying into a thoroughbred racing enterprise.


Go For It!
ExcitementNow that you've heard a few caveats, let me say this. If you can comfortably afford the expenditure, if thoroughbred racing excites you, if you like the pressure of competition, if you can tolerate some setbacks in the pursuit of a thrill, then I would say to you, "What are you waiting for?"


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