Claiming Races


Some people find it difficult to part with a horse in a claiming race- particularly if the horse was purchased as a yearling or a two-year-old and has been "in the barn" for awhile. But claiming races are an integral part of thoroughbred racing. New owners need to understand that most horses- even quite expensive ones- can't be strictly stakes or allowance runners. A claiming race serves to ensure a horse has a good chance to successfully compete and get its owners into the winners circle.


If an owner is running a horse at a claiming race level in which the horse is "safe" from being claimed, the horse most likely can't win at that level. If an owner enters a horse in a claiming race at a level in which the horse can win, the horse stands a reasonable chance of being claimed. Claiming races provide risk/reward opportunities. In other words, it's a gamble. Yet part of the allure, intrigue and excitement of thoroughbred racing has to do with occasionally "rolling the dice," whether it's raising your hand at a thoroughbred auction, plopping down $20 across-the-board on a longshot, or entering your horse in a claiming race.


If you believe you would have trouble with the idea of losing a horse in a claiming race, odds are that participating in thoroughbred ownership is not for you.


At Button Down Racing, we don't look at our horses as pets. But neither do we consider them strictly cold commodities.

Visit our Rescue Fund page to see how we endeavor to see to it that BDR equine athletes are well cared for when their racing days are over.





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